SketchUp decor

by Design Workshop Sydney

Creating decor in SketchUp utilizes the same set of modeling tools as in architectural modeling; in some ways it is even simpler. We create several pieces of decor in our SketchUp training courses.sketchup-decor
To create the the tulip base for the bar stool shown here first select the Circle tool, or type C. Note first of all the number of sides in the Measurements field on the bottom right of the interface. Change the default of 20 to 60 Sides, then click on the ground plane to establish the centre point of the circle. Type in a radius of 220mm.
Next create an upright rectangle using the Line tool, punching in the dimensions of 350 by 640mm. Then draw an arc onto this rectangular face with the Arc tool (A) on the rectangular face. Copy the base circle to the top for the seat, and erase the extra lines.
To revolve the arc shape around the base select the bottom circle’s edge or face – this will represent the path, then select the Follow Me tool and click on the face (which represents the profile). The shape should be created instantly.
For the seat object use the Push/Pull tool (P) to extrude the top circle upwards by 10mm. Then right-click on the object and select Soften Edges. Adjust the slider to see the softening effect.
Add a metal material to the base, and a fabric to the seat. Triple-click on the stool with the Select tool, and choose Make Component. This allows you to import the stool multiple times into future models.
Many useful tips and techniques can be found at the SketchUp website. And see many examples of our own clients’ work on our Facebook page.
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