SketchUp help

by Design Workshop Sydney

SketchUp is a very user-friendly program is work with, but occasionally we do need help. And there are a multitude of resources out there. As well as helping you as much as possible during our SketchUp course, we point you in the right direction for future assistance.  sketchup-help
Firstly, the SketchUp Knowledge Center. As well as a handy search engine field, the site has links to various commonly sought-after features. Getting started has a host of tips and tricks for the new user, for setting up new files and creating simple models. It also explains concepts used when building in 3d, as well as how to download & install the program.
Then there is the lengthy Users’ Guide which explores the many functions of the program in as much detail as you’ll ever need. You can also post questions in the Help Forum. There’s a wealth of information on license types and pricing, as well as differences in the two main programs, the free Make version and the paid Pro version. If you have issues or problems there’s a handy troubleshooter guide, and hints on how to improve the performance of SketchUp, including information on your graphics card driver amongst others. And finally you can contact Trimble via the Knowledge Center.
There are also various SketchUp Help groups and forums on the net – simply do a Google search. Often queries will lead to helpful 5 minute YouTube clips.
And there are plenty of books published on SketchUp in relation to architectural or product design issues; again simply do a Google search for related books.
And, of course, we do offer after-course support when you complete one of our own SketchUp courses. Many useful tips and techniques can also be found at the SketchUp website. And see many examples of our own clients’ work on our Facebook page.
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