SketchUp import dwg 2

by Design Workshop Sydney

If you have the Pro version of SketchUp, currently costing around A$600, you’re able to import DWGs or DXFs created in Autocad. This is especially useful for creating models from floorplans. We show you how in our SketchUp classes.sketchup-import-dwg-2
Simply go to: File > Import > Type: DWG > select the file, and click on Options. Check Geometry > options > Units: millimetres (that is, the same as your CAD DWG). Tick Preserve drawing origin (if bringing in multiple CAD files) > OK > Open. A panel will open with Import Results showing you what layers, etc will be brought in > Close.
Then go to Camera > Standard View > Top > and Camera > Parallel Projection.
To check the scale of the CAD file use the Tape Measure tool (keyboard shortcut is T) to measure something you know the size of, eg. a 1-metre doorway, or a Site measurement. Note that sometimes it’s not the right size. If you needed to rescale it just punch in the new dimension (bottom right) > Enter > Yes. Note that this will scale all objects in your model, so it’s best to do this before you start modeling.
If you already have objects in the model, it’s best to rescale the cad drawing using the Scale tool instead. You’d have to work out the scale factor first. For example, measure an element in the drawing. To scale up, divide the large number by the small number – this is your scale factor. If scaling downwards, divide the small number by the large number – this is your scale factor.
You would then use the imported DWG as a reference for drawing over, and for checking measurements from, eg. wall heights, positions of doorways, etc.

Many useful tips and techniques can be found at the SketchUp website. And see many examples of our own clients’ work on our Facebook page.

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