SketchUp keyboard shortcuts

by Design Workshop Sydney

There are few keyboard shortcuts in SketchUp which will make your workflow much faster and more efficient. We show you how in our SketchUp courses.sketchup-keyboard-shortcuts
Many first-time users like to stick to the tools initially, but you’ll soon find that using the shortcuts is a much better way to go. And there are not dozens to learn – only 6 or 7 to get you started. For instance, one of the most commonly used shortcuts would be the Space bar for the Selection tool. It’s good just to hit Space bar whenever you finish a function, or want to quickly select an object.
When navigating around a model, it’s a pain having to manually select the Zoom tool, then the Orbit tool. Just roll your mouse-wheel, or click and drag your mouse-wheel to orbit around the scene. Line tool and Rectangle tool are pretty commonly used, so hit L for Line and R for Rectangle. And when you’re ready to add a few materials, why search for the Materials panel from the Window drop-down when you can just hit B for Bucket?
Similarly P for the Push/Pull tool,  Q for Rotate, M for Move and E for Eraser. T is for Tape Measure and F for Offset. And that’s about all the keyboard commands you need to memorize. See the table above. There are also the usual ones for saving and opening files: Control + S and Control + P, for PC users. Macs are a little different, generally using Command instead of Control. Macs also have a few handy extras: Command + 1 is for Top View, Command + 3 for Front View, and Command + 7 for Iso View.
Many useful tips and techniques can be found at the SketchUp website. And see many examples of our own clients’ work on our Facebook page.
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