SketchUp skillion roof

by Design Workshop Sydney

Creating skillion roofs in SketchUp is a simple process, which we explore in our SketchUp training courses.sketchup-skillion-roof
With the Line tool click on one corner of the external walls and draw a vertical line upwards in the Blue axis 1700mm in length. Then connect this new point to the far corner of the walls and back to the first point, thus creating a triangle. This will be the outer face of the skillion roof.
Next use the Push/Pull tool (P) to pull the face inwards to the wall width of 110mm. Lastly use the Selection tool to triple-click on the object, and choose the Make Group option. To copy this skillion to the far end of the house select the Move tool and, pressing Control, drag the skillion to other side of house. Pressing Control and moving an object will copy it, but it’s important in this instance to make sure you drag it along the red axis.
Next use the Rectangle tool to create the clerestory wall between the skillions, using the Push/Pull tool to create the wall thickness of 110. And lastly triple-click on the object to Make Group.
If you now zoom on the top of one skillion note that you’ll have a small triangular piece to trim off. First double-click to enter the group, and use the Line tool to describe the triangular face. Then Push/Pull it across to the other side to the Offset limit and finally exit the group.
Many useful tips and techniques can be found at the SketchUp website. And see many examples of our own clients’ work on our Facebook page.
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