SketchUp wall section

by Design Workshop Sydney

Wall sections like clerestorys, are easy to create in SketchUp. We take you through the steps in our SketchUp training courses.sketchup-wall-section
A clerestory, literally a “clear storey”, is a high section of wall containing windows above the eye level, the purpose of which is to add extra light and air flow for passive cooling design. This wall section is often added to a skillion roof structure.

Use the Rectangle tool to create the connecting wall between the skillion end sections, as illustrated here. Then Push/Pull the wall thickness by 110 (ie. a single brick wall). Then triple-click to Make Group.
To create the window openings first enter the wall section group by double-clicking on it and use the Tape Measure to create guides from the left edge by 1370mm and from the top edge by 215mm. Then use the Rectangle tool to create from the intersection a window frame 2320 x 580. Copy this across by 3320 (ie. 1m apart) and type x4, and Enter. Then use Push/Pull to create the openings – note that if windows won’t cut out it’s often because one of the planes is not flush with an axis. In this case you could create it on the flat and group it. And then Rotate and Move into place.
Many useful tips and techniques can be found at the SketchUp website. And see many examples of our own clients’ work on our Facebook page.
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